The use of data mining in the audit profession has been a goal for many decades. While software toolsets have emerged and continued to evolve, auditors still find themselves challenged to integrate their use into traditional audits, yet alone progress to continuous auditing or continuous monitoring. This session provides insights gathered over a twenty five year career and offers an opportunity to open a dialogue as to what works in practice and how to overcome typical headwinds.


Mick Ward, Director of Internal Audit, Plexus Corp

Mick is the head of the Internal Audit department at Plexus Corp with over 25 years of experience in the field of internal control design, evaluation and remediation. Mick’s career spans most facets of the internal control environment and began as a Chartered Accountant working for KPMG in Ireland and Hungary. While working for Motorola, he branched into IT Internal Audit embarking on a path that embraced both IT as well as financial and operational disciplines.

Over the years Mick has championed the integration of detailed application control evaluations and the use of data analytics while a Senior Manager in the SAP risk management practice at PwC and during later roles in Internal Audit. While at Sara Lee, Mick introduced the concept of the integrated auditor to better facilitate a holistic review of all controls that impacted the business.

Mick has served on the ISACA International Research Board from 1998 to 2002 and is currently the ISACA Kettle Moraine Chapter Vice President. Mick continues to drive initiatives that position IT security and controls, and the auditors that evaluate them, to provide more efficient and effective solutions to business risks.


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