December 2013 - The Psychology of GRC


This presentation will explore the topics of governance, risk, and compliance from the perspective of organizational relationships, culture, and delegated authority. Rather than trying to fit an expensive technological solution to your unique processes, learn how to see the bigger picture and influence decision makers in policy-making and oversight roles. Apply the top-down approach to understand the concerns and codify the responsibilities at every level of your organization.


Matthew Chalmers

Matthew Chalmers is an accomplished technology risk management, advisory and assurance leader specializing in information technology audit, compliance, control, governance, risk, security, usability, and process improvement. He has 19 years of experience across public, private, government, and non-profit organizations in the defense, finance, manufacturing, and healthcare industries including JPMorgan Chase and the National Security Agency. He holds numerous professional certifications including the CISM, CRMA, and CEH and is pursuing a Doctor of Science (Sc.D.) in Information Assurance. Matthew is currently the Chief IT Auditor of the Marshfield Clinic Health System, which includes Security Health Plan of Wisconsin and the newly created Marshfield Clinic Information Services.