February 2013 - Finding Your Digital Waldo in a World of iPads


The mobile device is changing the customer experience and forcing organizations to re-think how they engage with their customers and their employees. Mobility has enabled consumers to carry the Internet in their pocket, and with that power, they are more informed, more mobile, less private, and more social than ever before. Businesses have a unique opportunity to stand out—and pull ahead of their competitors—by discovering that mobile devices are not only tools to drive innovation but also an ecosystem that can transform both customer and employee experiences. Mobility is not just about technology and gadgets; it is a global shift in how we can do business.

This session will share some history and tipping points to what defines the key features that are driving today's mobility trends and themes while sharing global mobile device insights that can be used to support investment decisions over the next 3-5 years. It will also highlight lessons learned by our teams after performing 200+ mobility projects for our clients in the last 18 months –all focusing on what you need to do on an enterprise level to meet the new demands of employees and customers as they do business on mobile devices.


Daniel Eckert - Director / CTO for PwC's Emerging Technology Group

Daniel Eckert is a Director / CTO for PwC’s Emerging Technology Group. He has 25 years of information technology experience between industry and consulting. He has 12 years directing and managing software/ firmware solutions, eight years as an enterprise / solution architect, and five years focusing on IT strategy. Daniel has a deep understanding of application integration, reference architecture, web performance architecture, Enterprise Document and Web Content Management, Collaboration, and is one of the PwC’s leaders in mobile device technology.