September 2011 - Flexibility has Its Risks: Mobility in a Rapidly Changing Regulatory Landscape


Rapid change and continuous improvement provide company executives with unprecedented flexibility that allows business to be conducted anytime and from nearly anywhere. But with this great flexibility is also great risk.

Coporate data, information, intelligence, and IP (intellectual property), its locations and boundaries, and access to them, are changing. Communications, platforms, form factors, software, and hardware device are changing. Analysts project that 450 million smartphones will be shipped in 2011. To that number, add the success and continuously expanding array of tablet and portable computers, acquired from a changing set of manufacturers and quickly changing software and operating systems. Further, consider those who connect to your organization and how wired, wireless, on-premise, cloud, and remote access from employees, clients, partners, suppliers, and contractors is managed.

This presentation is intended to provide insights and recommendations that help business and technical executives to thoughtfully consider, understand, select, and plan more effectively with flexible, yet safe and compliant responses, to rapidly changing business and technical conditions.


Richard Janezic, VP Sales, Marketing, and Business Development TBG Security

Boston-based TBG Security provides security, compliance. and continuity consulting services and solutions to enterprise and middle market clients across the US to help them strengthen security, reduce risk, and assure durable, resilient operations. An east coast native, Rick has more than 25 years of professional business experience with leadership roles in sales, consulting, technology, and general management, working with and for companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.