ISACA® Kettle Moraine Chapter Board


The chapter secretary maintains the chapter records, minutes from board meetings, and the chapter bylaws. The secretary is responsible for the maintenance and retention of forms, documents, and correspondence.

1. Acts as parliamentarian for all board and chapter meetings
  • a. Understands parliamentary procedures, as designated in bylaws
  • b. Instructs board members and answers questions about the correct use of parliamentary procedure
  • c. Ensures all meetings are conducted in an orderly and organized manner
2. Calls the roll and records attendance at all board meetings
3. Keeps written minutes of all chapter board meetings and reads minutes of previous board meetings to membership, as necessary
4. Maintains all chapter records, except those specifically assigned to other officers or committees. Examples of these documents may include, but are not limited to:
  • a. Meeting minutes
  • b. Bylaws (sometimes assigned to bylaws committee)
  • c. Charter
  • d. Incorporation records
  • e. Insurance records
  • f. Official chapter membership list (sometimes assigned to membership director)
  • g. Corporate seal (if applicable)
5. Maintains current-year working file for the chapter
  • a. Creates files in accordance to chapter policy and procedure
  • b. Collects appropriate materials from officers, directors and chairs
  • c. Ensures files are accurate and complete
6. Presides over board and chapter meetings in the absence of the president and vice president
7. Receives mail from chapter post office box (if one is established) on a regular basis
8. Issues meeting notices for all chapter board meetings and other meetings, as appropriate
9. Oversees chapter correspondence, except those that are specifically assigned to other officers
  • a. Prepares and sends chapter correspondence in a timely manner
  • b. Answers chapter correspondence in a timely fashion
10. Works with the chapter membership director/committee to maintain record of all officers, board members and general membership
  • a. Ensures rosters are up to date
  • b. Notifies ISACA International of newly elected or appointed officers, board members and/or committee chairsn
11. Manages an annual survey of the chapter membership
Reporting Responsibilities

The chapter secretary reports to the president and is responsible to the chapter board and chapter membership.